Illinois Medicine Awards

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Illinois Medicine Awards

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The University of Illinois College of Medicine celebrates its tradition of excellence through the recognition of individuals who have significantly supported the mission of the college. The Illinois Medicine Awards were expanded in 2014 from the original Distinguished Alumnus Award to include additional acknowledgement for a wider variety of contributions to the field of medicine, the community, the University and the College itself.

Sweeney Spirit of Medicine Award


2016 Recipient: Binay Shah, MD, Fel '10

Named after the late Raymond Nester Sweeney, MD '68 who made a significant philanthropic contribution to the College of Medicine to underscore his commitment to the future of medicine, this award recognizes a community partner, an individual, corporation or organization, for their community service and collaboration with the College of Medicine. Persons or entities receiving this award have demonstrated initiative, leadership and involvement that either improves medical education, civic engagement and the overall health of communities.

Distinguished Alumnus Award


2016 Recipient: Lester Salans '59, MD '61

Established in 1994, the Distinguished Alumnus Award is given in recognition of outstanding professional achievement and service to the medical profession, community, the College and/or the University. This award is presented annually to an alumnus of the College of Medicine (MD only) who has demonstrated excellence in leadership, professional growth, educational advancement or service.

Pioneer in Medicine Award


2016 Recipient: Julius Richmond '37, MD '40

This award recognizes graduates (MS, MD, PhD, residents), current or former College of Medicine faculty members or residents who have made outstanding contributions or a significant impact to their profession or community. The recipient of this prestigious award is considered a cutting-edge scientist, not held to conventional boundaries, who transformed the landscape of patient care, biomedical science or education. This recognition may be awarded to an individual posthumously.

Innovator of Today Award

2016 Recipient: Mary Jo LaDu, PhD '91

This award recognizes a significant innovative contribution to medicine made by a graduate (MS, MD, PhD, residents) of the University of Illinois College of Medicine. The Award recognizes an alumna/us for an innovative idea or approach to patient care, research or medical education. The recipient of this award displays qualities of strong leadership and seeks to transform medicine by making an impact within the community they serve.

Emerging Innovator Award


2016 Recipient: Abbas Hyderi, MD '01, MPH

This award recognizes early-career medical achievements and contributions of University of Illinois College of Medicine graduates (MS, MD, PhD, residents) who received their degree within the past 15 years, tenure-track faculty members or enrolled COM students. This award recognizes professional achievement and leadership of individuals who strive to advance medicine through selfless dedication to any area of medical research, patient care or education.

Required Criteria

* Demonstrated outstanding contributions and exceptional service to the medical profession, the community, the College of Medicine and/or the University

* Nominations must be made by a College of Medicine alumni, faculty, staff or student

* The Pioneer in Medicine Award is the only award that can be awarded posthumously