Advising Program for Students

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Advising Program for Students

Welcome to the advising program! Your OSA Advisor is a valuable resource for information for medical students. Your Advisor can act as your personal advocate within the College of Medicine, your professional advocate for references, referrals, research, scholarships and letters of recommendation. Your Advisor can also help you explore, evaluate and clarify your career goals, give you advice on strategic planning for competitive specialties and offer support and encouragement. It is recommend that you to meet with your advisor at least 3-4 times per year. He/she wants to get to know your strengths and weaknesses, your interests and your goals in order to help you make wise specialty decisions. By meeting with your advisor, you will have an opportunity to discuss your interests and concerns and get feedback on your competitiveness in matching into your desired residency program.

There are 3 types of Advisors for medical students in the College of Medicine: OSA Advisors, Faculty Advisors and Specialty Career Advisors.


    1. OSA Advisors are the front line in dealing with day-to-day issues and concerns, such as scheduling, graduations requirements, and personal or emergency situations. They can also offer assistance in clarifying policies and procedures. They review your academic progress and identify your strengths and challenges. They can also help you with your decision making process in choosing your specialty. Once you make your career choice, OSA Advisors can assist you with strategic planning when scheduling rotations. Additionally, they can assist you when you begin your residency application (ERAS), give you interviewing tips and offer assistance with your CV, personal statement and unique characteristics for your MSPE (Medical Student Performance Evaluation).


    1. Your Faculty Advisor is an essential part of your medical school experience. You will meet your faculty advisor during the Team-Based Advising sessions during the M1 year. They can offer professional and career guidance and role modeling. They can help you to understand the demands on the life of a physician while you are planning your life’s work and assist you in balancing your personal life with medical school. Faculty Advisors can be instrumental in helping you network. They can provide you with letters of recommendation, offer guidance and assistance with CV’s and Personal Statements and give you some interviewing tips.


    1. Specialty Career Advisors can give you a glimpse into their profession. They can provide you with information about the lifestyle, personal characteristics and the nature of their specialty. If you are interested in choosing or exploring a certain specialty, please refer to the list of Specialty Career Advisors on the right menu bar to get their names and contact information. They can tell you about training and residency information and help you choose a specialty that ultimately meets your career objectives.


We encourage you to take advantage of all of resources during medical school. Contact your Advisors and set up an appointment so they can get to know you and offer their wisdom and support.