COM-UHP Strategic Priorities

Below are the College of Medicine Urban Health Program STRATEGIC PRIORITIES (2012-2016):
  1. Provide innovative leadership and serve as advocates for underrepresented groups in the following areas at UICCOM: recruitment, admissions, health equity & medical education, and career development.
  2. Facilitate the development of a culturally-sensitive healthcare workforce through research and education to develop leaders who advance health equity.
  3. Be a valued resource of data about underrepresented and disadvantaged groups at UIC-COM.
  4. Conduct and present research data in areas relevant to the educational needs of underrepresented and disadvantaged students in medical education at UIC-COM.
  5. Foster and sustain a culture within COM-UHP and UIC-COM that promotes and supports diversity, inclusion, leadership and academic excellence.
  6. Develop and foster a network of professional mentors.
  7. Maximize alumni development initiatives.
  8. Conduct continuous quality improvements/rigorous program review.
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