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Adrienne Williams PhD

Associate Professor of Clinical Family Medicine University of Illinois College of MedicineFamily Medicine
Work 196 HHDBS, MC 663
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Biographical Info

Director of Behavioral Science


Syracuse, NY


Duke University


North Florida/South Georgia VA Medical Center


Health Psychology/ Behavioral Medicine, Consortium for Advanced Psychology Training, Michigan State University


Behavioral Medicine
Pre-surgical evaluation

Dr. Adrienne A. Williams is a clinical health psychologist who specializes in behavioral medicine, sexuality and gender, and brief evaluations. She attended college at Yale University, and completed her MA and PhD at Duke University. Her work in behavioral medicine allows her to work collaboratively with primary care doctors on a number of health conditions, such as: obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, substance use, disease prevention, and health behaviors. She provides brief evaluations for conditions such as adult ADHD and memory disorders. Additionally, Dr. Williams provides therapy for a number of conditions such as anxiety and depression, and has sub-specialties in sexuality and gender. Her work with sexuality and gender includes: sexual dysfunctions, sexual abuse/assault, sexual orientation, and trans*gender care.


Editor, The Health Psychologist

Presidential Citation – Anniversary Task Force, Society for Health Psychology, 2016

Faculty Teaching Award – University of Maryland Department of Family and Community Medicine, 2013

Forum Impact Award – Forum for Behavioral Science in Family Medicine, 2011


Taylor, G.H., Williams, A.A., Garzino-Demo, A. (2016). Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy Reduces Pulmonary IL-8 in HIV Positive Women Smokers. Pathogens and Disease. 74(2), ftv 115. EPub 2015 Dec 9.

Lee, S.J., Pincus, K.J., Williams, A.A. (2016). Behavioral Influences on Controller Inhaler Use for Persistent Asthma in a Patient-Centered Medical Home. Research in Social & Administrative Pharmacy. 12(5): 789-93. E-published ahead of print: November 26, 2015.

Ramirez, J., Williams, A.A., Singh, J. (2016). Patient Satisfaction with Bedside Teaching Rounds Compared to Non Bedside Teaching Rounds. Southern Medical Journal, 109(2), 112-115.

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