Most of us who embark on a career of MedPeds find that training in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics simply makes sense.  MedPeds training brings extraordinary breadth to the depth already offered by both Internal Medicine and Pediatric residency.  MedPeds training is a life-course approach to health as we provide care throughout all ages and stages of life. 

For over 20 years our mission at UIC has been to train exceptional physicians who are leaders in clinical care, medical education, and research.  The MedPeds program at UIC provides comprehensive training in outpatient and inpatient medicine, as well as primary care and subspecialty training.  Our program is run exclusively by MedPeds trained faculty, including our comprehensive MedPeds outpatient clinic.  We have a growing group of MedPeds faculty all dually board certified in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

Our residents are fully integrated into both the Internal Medicine and Pediatric residency programs.  However, we feel it is also vital to foster our close-knit MedPeds community.  We have a resident run MedPeds conference three times per month where we focus on ambulatory care topics, emphasizing issues unique to MedPeds practice.  We also have two MedPeds chief residents who are intimately involved in the education and administration of the program and serve as advocates for the residents.  Finally, our MedPeds residents are a cohesive group both professionally and socially.

The MedPeds faculty and staff support and nurture our residents during their training and encourage each individual to find their own career path.  Our graduates go into a diversity of careers including primary care, hospitalist medicine, subspecialty training, academic medicine, and international medicine.  To appreciate the qualities we value most please come and meet our outstanding residents and caring faculty!

Rachel Caskey, MD, MPP
Program Director, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics