Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be taking the same basic science courses as other medical students during the M1-M2 years?

A: Yes. The regular curriculum at the Chicago campus applies to all students, including Global Medicine participants.

Q: Would I be doing the same clinical rotations as other medical students during the M3-M4 years?

A: The six major rotations in the third year (family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics/ gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery) apply to all students, including Global Medicine students. In the M4 year, GMED students will participate in an international rotation related to their interests. They may use elective weeks to complete research projects related to global health care issues. The same number of specialty and elective rotations applies equally to all students.

Q: What additional coursework would I be pursuing as part of this curriculum?

A: GMED students will participate in co-curricular activities that supplement their knowledge and skills in various issues related to global health. These activities will be scheduled at times that don’t conflict with examinations or other required curriculum components.
In the M3 and M4 years, GMED activities will be included as part of required courses, such as Essentials of Clinical Practice and Professionalism

Q: Is the GMed curriculum compatible with careers in academic medicine and/or research?

A: Absolutely. One of the goals of the GMED program is to educate/train physician leaders. Academic medical centers have historically been at the forefront of global health issues, including both education and research.

Q: Is the MD/MPH (Master of Public Health) program mandatory for GMED students?

A: No. The MD/MPH program is an option, just as it is for other UIC medical students. However, a degree in public health would enhance the overall experience of GMED participants.

Q: Will I be able to pursue any specialty after completing the GMED program?

A: Yes. Any specialty may be chosen by GMED participants. 

Q: May I send the GMED application via e-mail?

A: Yes. You are encouraged to email the application to This will expedite the process.

Q: Is being fluent in a second language a requirement?

A: Fluency in a language other than English is not a requirement. Because the ability to speak a second language is beneficial for clinicians working internationally, it is one of the many attributes we take into consideration when reviewing applications.

Q: What is the format for the responses to questions 7-10 on the GMED application?

A: Please limit your response to a single page for all four questions (not one page for each!); the answers should be single-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides, and a font of at least 11pt.  

Q:  How will international electives/travel be funded?

A:  Students will be responsible for the costs involved when doing international electives.  GMED students are encouraged to apply for a variety of scholarships that currently fund international elective rotations.