CME Fee Policy

CME will bill all activities for the following fees, as they relate to your activity. An invoice will be generated and emailed along with the certificates to the activity's Administrative Contact after the Post Activity report is approved.

What do the CME fees go toward?

Certificate fee
If registration fee is charged:
$15 per person requesting a CME certificate will be charged from an activity that
charged a registration fee.

If no registration fee is charged: Only non-UIC affiliated persons will be charged $15 per CME certificate that is

Commercial Support fee
5% of any funds received from Commercial Supporters (i.e. Pharmaceutical, Device Manufacturers, Bio-Technology companies).
​When making your grant requests, please take this into consideration and reflect this in your budget.

Exhibitor fee
5% of any funds received for rental of space in order for a Pharmaceutical, Device Manufacturers, or Bio-Technology company to exhibit any marketing or sales materials.
​Permission for exhibitions pending review by the CME office to ensure compliance with the Standards for Commercial Support, set forth by the ACCME.

Joint Provider fee
$500.00 flat fee for any jointly-provided activity.

Please take these fees into consideration as you plan your activity. Also, be sure to reflect these expenses in the "Budget Details" section of your Curricular Planner and the Post Activity Report.

CME Fee policy.pdf