These electives are possible when an individual student (with close supervision of a faculty member or physician) wants to modify an existing elective to fit the student’s particular interest, or even develop a customized experience. These electives usually involve only one student who will work closely with the Program Director.  A student in the College of Medicine may also be allowed to change some aspects of an approved elective.  The student who wants to change any part of an approved elective must first have the full endorsement of the Program Director. The student AND the Director must agree on the changes. The changes be clearly stated in writing and signed by the Director. The changes must then be approved by the appropriate UIC COM Department Head and the Assistant/Associate Dean of Curriculum. The intent of these procedures is to ensure the highest quality educational experience for all students, and that credit toward graduation is granted; it is not meant to discourage students from seeking to broaden their educational experience outside the UIC system.

Scheduling Self-Designed Electives:
Please follow the instructions on the OSA Scheduling Forms and Calendar page.

Self-Designed Electives can only be applied to M4 Open Elective weeks and cannot fulfill M4 Selectives or Pathway Requirements.  Click here for an overview of the M4 Curriculum.

  * There is no restriction on the number of Self-Designed Elective weeks allowed for the Class of 2015.  This policy is currently under review and may change for the Class of 2016.