ELECTIVES AT NON-LCME (Liaison Committee on Medical Education) MEDICAL SCHOOLS are usually electives offered by foreign medical schools, i.e., “international electives.” However, this category can also include scholarship experiences at hospices, hospitals, clinics, public health facilities, etc.

Procedure for Scheduling Electives at Non LCME-Accredited Medical Schools
In general, the procedures for scheduling these electives are similar to those for scheduling electives from LCME medical schools as described above. The major difference is that more extensive documentation of the elective is usually required to justify the experience as substantially contributing to the student’s medical education. Students should provide a complete description of the experience including activities, objectives to be met, time spent, location, supervising faculty member, and mechanism for evaluation. In addition, a description of the institution itself should be included in the documentation. This can sometimes be photocopied from the school’s catalog and typically includes information about number of faculty, patients, facilities, etc.  These electives also require additional review and authorizations by UIC COM. It is strongly recommended that students who wish to take these elective experiences contact their Academic Advisor in the Office of Student Affairs at the earliest possible time. Information on international health electives is available on the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) website and the AMA Office of International Medicine website.

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