BMS 654 Human Development:  1 Credit Hour

Duration:    March

Synopsis:    In the behavioral science sequence, students learn the principles of normative development and growth, as well as the mechanisms contributing to variation within the normal range.  The major theories relevant to human behavior and a basic understanding of research design are covered as well.

   In the process of completing this courses, students acquire the following competencies:
●    Understand and articulate the major principles of development and growth across the life-span.
●    Use major theories (psychodynamic, social learning, cognitive and behavioral) to explain and interpret behavior.
●    Understand the contributions of genetics and hormonal factors in the range of behavior.
●    Describe links between the brain and neural processes to behavioral variation.
●    Understand the social-cultural influences on individual variation.
●    Evaluate basic research studies in the social sciences.
●    Discuss impact of above on health care systems and delivery.

Key Words: 
   Behavioral development and growth; individual variation; psychology; sociology; epidemiology of health care.

TLE and Fall Final Exam