PRCL 641 Clinical Pathophysiology I:   4 Credit Hours
PRCL 643  Clinical Pathophysiology II:   5 Credit Hours

Placement in the Curriculum:    Year Two
Duration:    August - April

Synopsis:    The two CPP courses address pathophysiologic alterations that cause signs, symptoms and disease. Taught in parallel with Pharmacology and Pathology, they provide transition between the basic sciences and the practice of general clinical medicine.

Competencies:    In the process of completing these courses, students acquire the following competencies:
●    Demonstrate relevance of basic science knowledge in the practice of general clinical medicine.
●    Identify the pathophysiologic alterations that lead to basic disease states .
●    Begin to relate these alterations to the signs and symptoms that occur in patients with the indicated structural changes.

Key Words:  
  Neoplastic diseases, infectious diseases, diseases of immunity, hematologic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, renal diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, hepatobiliary diseases, nervous system, female and male genitourinary, skin, musculoskeletal system, endocrine diseases.

    Exams occur at the approximate mid–point and end of the course.  They are not cumulative.

Instructional Features:
    Didactic lectures, lab exercises and small group discussion.