MD/MPH: A five-year program of study, the MD/MPH Combined Program is designed by the UIC College of Medicine and the UIC School of Public Health to combine the benefits of a MD and MPH degree. Medical students in the combined degree will acquire rudimentary epidemiologic and statistical concepts enabling them to understand population-based health phenomena, skills to successfully manage limited health resources, and principles of community and environmental health which bear on the health of the population. Students must be accepted to both the College of Medicine and to the School of Public Health to qualify for the program. Students may apply to the School of Public Health  during their M1 year to qualify. Students will be assigned an advisor from each program. Medical students interested in this program should contact the School of Public Health, 2121 W. Taylor St., M/C 922; 996-6620. For more information, see the UIC School of Public Health web site.