The College of Medicine is embarking on a curricular transformation focused on the first and second years of medical school education with the primary aim to engage students and faculty in more active learning. The transformation efforts will be coordinated by the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) under the leadership of Deans Abbas Hyderi, Octavia Kincaid and Saul Weiner

The first step was to hold two "Curricular Transformation Forums".  These forums gathered ideas about curricular change from a large group of students to help us begin the process. Next, UGME and leadership from the Chicago Medical School Council (CMSC) will be recruiting a sound, transparent system to select a smaller group of 12-16 students to be part of a working group that will meet regularly to plan, implement, and evaluate the new curriculum with the goal of having the first working group meet by December, 2010. The working group will be made up of students with both CMSC and non-CMSC affiliation from all 4 classes.

The curricular leadership looks forward to collaborating with students on what will surely be a very exciting, challenging, and rewarding process of transforming the education at UIC COM.

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