Tissue Biology Practicum: Basic Tissues: UICMC

PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN THE CURRICULUM: Students must have completed core clerkships. Satisfactory completion of the M1 Tissue Biology course. Note: This is a decompressed elective and will only be offered in the Fall - August to September.

•  Students will refresh knowledge of normal tissue structure and function, and
•  Correlate with elements of pathology and clinical pathophysiology
•  M4's will work with M1's in a small group setting, serving as tutors and mentors as the M1's learn Tissue Biology.

•  Solidified understanding of both basic and clinical anatomical sciences;
•  Collegial communication skills, thus preparing the student for residency and a collegial professional life;
•  Life-long learning strategy that revisits the fundamental building blocks of basic anatomical science on which clinical science (pathology and pathophysiology) are based.
•  Problems in triage prioritization and management of patient load;

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES: • While counted as a two week elective, it is in reality a decompressed elective meeting from August through September.
•  M4 students will need to make arrangements with their other, concurrent elective directors to make up required clinical experiences.
Learning activities:
•  Orientation Conferences with Faculty Coordinator prior to laboratory exercises.
•  Assignment to present small group heads up for each laboratory exercise.
•  Assignment to research one of the most frequently occurring complaints based on a tissue lesion, & construct NBME style questions on this area.
ASSESSMENT: Students will be assessed based upon:
•  Participation in small group laboratory exercises- based upon instructor feedback.
•  Midterm feedback by Faculty Coordinator.
•  Research report on a tissue lesion, & constructed questions.
•  Exit interview by Faculty Coordinator.


Program Number: ELEC 988
Program Director:
  J. Art, PhD
4 weeks decompressed
Night Call:
Students Accepted:
Min. 0 Max. 10
Housestaff Used as Faculty:
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact:
Laboratory/Independent Study:
2-4 hours
Outpatient: No
Inpatient: No
Total Hours /Week:
2-4 hours

Updated: 10/20/15