Special Topics Instructor - UICMC

PURPOSE: To give medical students an opportunity to learn how to design, teach, and give feedback on a topic in which they have special expertise.

COMPETENCIES: The ability to design a short course that will introduce medical students to new perspectives on medicine or medical education. The ability to teach a small group using a variety of didactic methods (discussion, demonstration, critical analysis, creative expression). The ability to design and give feedback on exercises that demonstrate students’ mastery of concepts and content.

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES:  Students will submit a proposal for their Special Topics, along with evidence of their qualifications to teach the course during the summer before Special Topics is to be taught. Students will work with both a faculty member who is a content expert and the program director. (It is advised that students speak with the faculty content expert and the program director  in preparing this proposal). From these proposals, the program director will select up to four students to teach topics. During the fall semester the Program Director will meet individually with students to develop their courses, readings, and assessment tools. There will also be a session for all selected instructors on how to teach in a small group, with assigned readings (to be taught by other faculty in DME).
ASSESSMENT: Program Director will observe all instructors in their teaching settings and provide feedback to the students. Special TOPIC students’ evaluations of their courses and instructors will also be shared with the student teachers by the
Program Director when it becomes available.

Note: It is the responsibility of the student to make the appropriate arrangements with the course directors from whose activities students must be excused to teach the Special Topic.


Program Number: ELEC 951
Location: UICMC
Program Director: Carol Kamin,Phd, Shila Koswatta (Coordinator)
Telephone: 312-996-7849
E-Mail: tkoswal@uic.edu
Duration: 2 Weeks
Night Call:

Students Accepted: Min. none Max. 4
Housestaff Used as Faculty:
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact:
Laboratory/Independent Study:
Total Hours /Week:

KEYWORDS: Teaching/Learning; Educational tools/skills; education