PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN THE CURRICULUM:  Prefer completion of surgical clerkship, but not required. Open to both third and fourth year medical students.

PURPOSE:  Acquaint students with the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of adult and pediatric patients with obstructive sleep apnea, sinus disease, head and neck cancer, hearing loss and otologic disorders, laryngeal disorders and cosmetic/reconstructive problems. Expose students to clinical diagnosis and surgical treatment of otolaryngologic disorders. Review and increase the student's knowledge of head and neck anatomy, obstructive sleep apnea pathophysiology, auditory physiology, and laryngeal physiology. Explain principles of clinical research so the student is able to apply those principles towards critical reading of published studies as well as participation in clinical investigations.

COMPETENCIES:  Take a focused history and perform a thorough head and neck examination; Identify disease states of the head and neck and perform appropriate workup; Perform simple procedures and assist in the OR; Understand and apply the principals of evidence-based-medicine to both clinical practice and clinical outcomes research.

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES: Students will be exposed to outpatients in all phases of treatment. Students are expected to actively participate in the operating room, when appropriate. All students are expected to participate in one of the multiple clinical research studies underway during their rotation in a capacity that will allow their name to be added to a manuscript submitted for publication.
ASSESSMENT:  At the end of the rotation the student will be tested in head and neck anatomy and on the natural history, evaluation and treatment of all major head and neck tumors (including: thyroid, salivary gland, oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal and skin tumors) and other head and neck pathologies.


Program Number: ELEC 831
Location: AIMMC
Site Director: Michael Friedman, MD, and Research Fellow (contact Research Fellow for Availability)
Coordinator: Maria Garcia, (773) 296-5945
Telephone: 773-296-1823
Duration: 4 Weeks
Night Call: No
Weekends: Sunday morning Research Meetings, 07:30 am-10:00 pm
Students Accepted: Min. 0 Max. 2 (LCME or AOA schools only)
Housestaff Used as Faculty: Research projects coordinated by research fellow
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: Yes
Laboratory/Independent Study: Research component ≥ 10 hours/week
Outpatient: 23 hrs/week
Inpatient: 12-14 hrs/week (including OR time)
Total Hours /Week: 45-50

Reporting Time: 8:30 am. First Day - Report to Medical Education Office RM 1312. All other days report to ENT Clinic, 3000 N. Halsted, Suite #400, Chicago, IL.

Immunization & Compliance forms can be found here.

NOTE : Clinical electives at Advocate hospitals (ACMC, AIMMC, ALGH) are only available to students from LCME and AOA accredited institutions.