Consultation-Liaision Psychiatry - JBVA

PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN THE CURRICULUM: Students must have completed their M3 Core Clerkship in Psychiatry.

PURPOSE: The object of this elective is to provide comprehensive psychiatric and neuropsychiatric assessment and treatment to patients of medical and surgical services in the general hospital.

COMPETENCIES: Medical students will gain proficiency in mental status and cognitive exam administration, psychoneuro diagnostic assessment and management of common neuropsychiatric and organic brain syndromes, as well as somatoform disorders, depression and other psychiatric disorders in the medically ill.

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES:  The student will be expected to perform consultations (2-3 patients per week with follow-up), participate in the aching and supervisory rounds, attend consult-liaison conference and Grand Rounds. Assessment of competency, personality style and coping with the stress of disease as well as supportive interventions will also be emphasized. This rotation will provide an integrated experience for medical students whatever their specific medical field of endeavor.


Program Number: ELEC 661
Location: JBVA
Program Director: Laurie Lipman, M.D.  Email:
Coordinator:  Liz Walch   Email:
Telephone: 312-996-6219
Duration: 4 Weeks
Night Call: No
Weekends: No

Students Accepted: Min. 1 Max. 2
Housestaff Used as Faculty: No
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: 4-6
Laboratory/Independent Study: 0
Outpatient: 0
Inpatient: 34-36
Total Hours /Week: 38-42

Updated: 10/9/14