Women’s Health in Family Medicine - UICMC


Eligible students must be in good academic standing and have completed all M3 rotations. Eligible students must be applying to family medicine residency.

Interested students must write a brief letter of interest to the elective faculty coordinator

PURPOSE:  The Family Planning and Women’s Health Elective at UIC is for UIC M4s with an interest in furthering their training in women’s health conditions, common gynecological procedures, contraception, and basic OB/Gyn ultrasound.  The rotation combines clinical experiences in the Family Medicine Center at University Village and in the specialty clinics at UIMC. There are opportunities to participate with the management of abnormal pap smears, endometrial biopsy, vaginal and abdominal OB U/S, IUD insertion as well as observe Nexplanon, and participate in obstetric care.  Students also will learn about options counseling, medical abortion, and termination of undesired pregnancy using manual vacuum aspiration.  Part of this training also includes weekly one-on-one didactic lectures by UIC Faculty. One session a week may be spent at the Family Planning Clinic of Stroger Hospital of Cook County, but is not a core educational component.

Participating Faculty:

*  Evelyn Figueroa, MD (UIC-FM)
*  Glenda Rios, MD MPH (UIC-FM)
*  Humberto Scoccia, MD (UIC-Ob/Gyn)
*  Michael Warso, MD (UIC - Surg Onc)
*  Ariel Leifer, MD

This course will enhance students’ knowledge and skills in these areas:

1.  Application of knowledge to common clinical gynecological problems, including contraception, abnormal vaginal bleeding, and abnormal pap smear.
2.  Application of knowledge to long-acting reversible contraception
3.  Providing competent options counseling
4.  Personal and professional development

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES:  Students can acquire 1-4 credits, by combining some of the four components outlined below or by completing all of them. Evelyn Figueroa MD, Director of GYN/Women’s Health Rotation, Department of Family Medicine, will guide the student’s learning activities.

1.  Application of Knowledge to Commonly Encountered Clinical Problems  
    Outpatient Clinical Experience
2.  Student trainees will spend 4 weeks in clinic at the University Village Family Medicine Center and at UIMC clinics (Reproductive Endocrinology, Breast and Osteoporosis) caring for both pregnant and non-pregnant patients with medical needs related to women’s health (pregnancy, contraception, infertility, irregular bleeding, breast masses, etc).  Students will gain clinical experience in colposcopy, first trimester abortion and pregnancy loss, IUD placement, ultrasound and additional women’s health procedures and conditions.
3.  Inpatient Clinical Experience (Optional)
The student on this elective will take call every week and participate in low-risk vaginal deliveries and postpartum inpatient care.
4.  Essentials of Practice Management
The National Abortion Federation has a prepared a course for clinicians interested in providing medication abortion. The course overviews indications for medication abortion, counseling, work-up and implementation of the service.  The course concludes with a quiz and review.
5.  Personal and Professional Development
Through selected readings as well as individual sessions with family medicine faculty, including Dr. Evelyn Figueroa and Dr. Glenda Rios, the student will learn:
·  How to identify key questions and interventions that need to be offered as part of dealing with common gynecological problems
·  How to develop rapport, interviewing, and counseling patients regarding unplanned pregnancy and common gynecological problems
·  How to articulate views about options in pregnancy and how their views impact their practice

ASSESSMENT:   Midpoint feedback will be given using the FM clerkship evaluation template.  However, the course objectives above will be utilized, when applicable. End-of-rotation evaluation will also utilize the above format


Program Number: ELEC 229
Location: UICMC
Program Director:

Evelyn Figueroa, MD, Asst Professor of Clin. Family Medicine Email: efigue@uic.edu
Telephone: (312) 413-4168
Duration:  4 weeks
Weekends: Yes
Students Accepted: 1
Housestaff Used as Faculty: No
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: Yes, at least weekly
Laboratory/Independent Study:  No