Department Heads & Section Chiefs

Students who wish to enroll in electives that are not approved electives must receive prior written approval from the appropriate College of Medicine Department Head or designee listed below .

Department: Anatomy and Cell Biology
Head: Scott Brady, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-6791
Location: 578 CME, M/C 512
Department: Anesthesiology
Head: David Schwartz, M.D.
Designee: Chanannait Paisansathan, MD
Phone: 312-996-4020
Location: Room 3200, UICH, M/C 515
Department: Dermatology
Head: Lawrence Chan, M.D.
Designee: Sophie Worobec, M.D. 
Phone: 312-996-6966
Location: Room 380 CME, M/C 624
Department: Emergency Medicine
Head:  Terry Vanden-Hoek, M.D.
Designee:  Lisa Gehm, M.D. 
Phone: 312-413-1675
Location: 47A-A CME, M/C 724
Department:  Family Medicine
Head: John Hickner, M.D.
Designee:  Rik Stringham, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-9297
Location: 1919 West Taylor Street, M/C 663
Department:  Medical Education
Head: Ilene Harris, Ph.D.
Phone: 312-355-0800
Location: 970 CME, M/C 591
Department:  Neurology and Rehabilation
Head:  Jeffrey Loeb, M.D.
Designee:  Octavia Kincaid, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-1757, 312-996-6496
Location: Room 855N NPI, M/C 796
Department: Neurosurgery
Head: Fady Charbel, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-4842
Location: Room 451-N NPI, M/C 799
Department:  Obstetrics and Gynecology
Head: Mary Stephensen, M.D.
Designee: Sherri Nordstorm, M.D.
Phone: 312-413-2040, 312-355-7430
Location: Room 260 CSN, M/C 808
Department: Ophthalmology
Head: Rohit Varma, M.D.
Designee: Ali Djalilian, M.D. 
Phone: 312-996-6590, 312-996-8937
Location: EEI 3.138, M/C 648
Department:  Orthopaedics
Head: Mark H. Gonzalez
Designee: Alfonso Mejia, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-7161
Location: Room E270 MSB , M/C 844
Department:  Otolaryngology
Head: J. Regan Thomas. M.D.
Designee:  H. Steven Sims, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-6582
Location: EEI 2.42, M/C 648
Department:  Pathology
Frederick Behm, M.D.
Designee: Anjen Chenn, MD
Phone: 312-996-3150
Location: 130 CSN, M/C 847
Department: Pediatrics
Head: Usha Raj, MD
Designee: Jordan Hupert, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-8297, 312-996-6138
Location: Room 1245 CSB, M/C 856
Department:  Psychiatry
Head: Anand Kumar
Designee:  Sean Blitzstein, M.D. 
Phone: 312-996-6219
Location: Room 336 CSB, M/C 913 
Department: Radiology
Head:  Charles E. Ray, Jr., MD, PhD
Designee: Michael Bresler, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-0234 , 312-996-0235
Location: Room 2483 UICMC, M/C 931
Department: Surgery
Head: Enrico Benedetti, M.D.
Designee:  Amelia Bartholomew, M.D. 
Phone: 312-996-0699, 312-355-4300
Location: 417 CSB, M/C 958
Department: Urology
Head: Craig Niederberger, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-9330
Location: Room 515 CSN, M/C 955


*******Medicine Specialities are approved by Section Chief********


Department: Medicine
Head: Patricia W. Finn, MD
Location: Room 1020 CSB, M/C 787


Section: Cardiology
Chief: Sam Dudley, M.D.
Location: 928 CSB
Section: Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
Chief: Theodore Mazzone, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-7989
Location: 612 CMW
Section: Digestive Disease and Nutrition
Chief: Allan Hallin, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-1565
Location: 718E CSB
Section: General Internal Medicine
Chief: John Tulley, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-6662
Location: 440 CSN
Section: Geriatrics
Chief: Donald Jurivich, D.O.
Phone: 312-996-9129
Location: 440 CSN
Section: Hepatology
Chief: Scott Cotler, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-6929
Location: 1012 CSB
Section : Infectious Diseases
Chief: James Cook, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-0100
Location: Room 888 CME
Section: Nephrology
Chief: Jose Arruda, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-6735
Location : 418-W CSN
Section: Hematology/Oncology
Interim: Howard Ozer, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-1581
Location: 820E CSB, MC 713
Section: Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
Chief: John Christman, M.D.
Phone: 312-996-8039
Location: 915 CSB
Section: Rheumatology
Chief: William Swedler, M.D.
Phone: 312-413-9310
Location: A-312 CMW
Section: Health Promotions and Research
Chief: Marian Fitzgibbon, Ph.D.
Phone: 312-996-0146
Location: 586  WRB