Fellowships in Family Planning

The University of Illinois Health System is one of the world’s largest health care centers. UI Health is conveniently located in the west side Medical Center district, two miles from downtown Chicago’s famous Loop. All of UIC's health professions colleges are housed within this district. UIC has had an enduring commitment to women’s health care and research for the past 4 decades; designated a National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health since 1998 and houses the NIH-funded Clinical Research Training Program since 2004. The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, under the direction of Dr. Mary Stephenson, is recognized for its high-level clinical services to women as well as its emphasis on medical education, faculty scholarship and research.


Potential research projects for fellows include ongoing research or new investigator-initiated projects.  Fellows will also participate in the Kenneth Ryan Residency Training Program.


Clinical Training


Family Planning fellows at UIC will gain clinical experience providing family planning services; pregnancy terminations in the first and second trimester using medical and surgical techniques, female sterilization techniques, complex contraceptive consultation and all available methods of contraceptive procedures. Fellows will provide care in several settings; both inpatient and outpatient within the medical center and in freestanding clinics. The UIC Center for Reproductive Health, under the direction of Dr. Allison Cowett offers the full range of family planning services in an outpatient setting and facilitates practicum experiences for residents and medical students.



Research Opportunities


Research training for fellows will include didactic training in graduate level coursework in the School of Public Health, the Clinical Research Training Program, and the Graduate College, as well as direct mentorship from the Fellowship Directors and the fellowship mentorship team, through weekly fellowship research meetings, weekly combined family planning didactic meetings, individual meetings with research mentors, multidisciplinary women’s health brown bag series, and journal club seminars for Family Planning. The first year fellow will complete the graduate coursework and develop the research question and plan for the fellowship project and the second year fellow will concentrate on participation in ongoing research projects as well as completion of their fellowship research project. In addition, fellows will be integrated into all Family Planning Research activities in the Section of Family Planning (the design, conduct, analysis and presentation of research).

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