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Welcome to the University of Illinois at Chicago Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition Research Training Program

isletThis NIH-sponsored program is designed to provide outstanding training opportunities in research related to diabetes, obesity and nutrition across a range of disciplines at UIC. This program provides support for up to 3 years of research training, allowing sufficient time for candidates with backgrounds in clinical disciplines to gain an understanding of appropriate research techniques and strategies, and to apply them in closely mentored research studies.  Post-doctoral candidates in basic or applied sciences also are encouraged to apply. Our goal is to provide outstanding research training for individuals who aspire to a career in academic medicine and research focusing on diabetes and obesity.

Research training opportunities are available across a range of disciplines, including laboratory-based, translational, clinical, behavioral/preventive and community-based research. The training faculty includes over 30 investigators at UIC that are actively involved in research related to diabetes, nutrition and/or obesity, including professors, associate professors and tenure track assistant professors. All training faculty members are independent investigators with strong research and training backgrounds and extramural funding. The diversity of the training faculty interests, affords the trainees flexibility in choosing preceptors and specific research projects. At the same time, there is significant complementary overlap of faculty research interests as reflected in collaborative research projects, grant funding and co-authored publications. Faculty and trainees meet regularly and interact at seminars, through informal discussions and are actively involved in collaborative research. This interactive and collaborative environment is important for developing new ideas and identifying new opportunities for research. Training programs are designed to fit the research goals of individual candidates. Trainees participate in research under the guidance of accomplished investigators and mentors. Trainees also may enroll in pertinent courses in the medical and clinical sciences to gain appropriate background for future studies. For example, candidates interested in clinical or translational research may benefit from courses offered in the NIH sponsored K30 training program in clinical research. Research training is complemented by lectures, seminars, and interaction with visiting scientists. Additional information regarding the training faculty and other resources is available through the links on the right.

Dr. Terry Unterman, Program Director

c/o Pamela Terrell, Program Coordinator

Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

1819 West Polk Street, (M/C 640)

Chicago, IL 60612-7333

Telephone: (312) 996-6060

E-mail: terrell@uic.edu