Cardiology Grand Rounds



Thursday 09- Jan Blocked out    
Friday (1pm-2pm) 10- Jan Dr. Far "Cardiovascular MRI"  
Thursday 23- Jan Blocked out    
Friday (1pm-2pm) 24- Jan TBD    
Thur (12pm- 1pm) 06- Feb Dr. Desai  “Utilizing imaging and genomics in sickle cell disease-bench to bedside approaches to unravel cardiovascular phenotypes”  
Friday (1pm - 2pm) 14- Feb Dr. Briller Short topics in Pregnancy and Heart Disease:
        1. Management of Patients with Coronary Disease during  Pregnancy
        2. Preeclampsia, Gestational Hypertension and Diabetes – 
        Markers for Future Cardiovascular Risk
Thursday (12pm-1pm) 20- Feb Dr. Kansal "Right Ventricle: Function and Evaluation"  
Friday 21- Feb Blocked out    
Thursday (1pm-2pm) 27- Feb Dr. Barry Franklin Recent Advances in Preventative Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine”    Co-hosting w/Kinesiology & Nutrition -808 S. Woods College of Medicine East Tower - 808 S. Wood Room CMET 7th Flr. Corner of Polk & Wood  
Thursday 06- Mar Blocked out    
Friday (1pm-2pm) 07- Mar Dr. Wolska "Rescue of Familial Hypertrophic and Dilated Cardiomyopathies by Modulation of Myofilament Response to Ca2+ and Ca2+ Fluxes"  
Thursday (12pm-1pm) 20- Mar Dr. Frazin "TEE in the Diagnosis of Aortic Disease"  
Friday 21- Mar Blocked out    
Thursday 03- Apr Blocked out    
Friday (1pm-2pm) 04- Apr Dr. Lee “In Sync: Greatest Hits from the 1990’s to Today”  
Thursday 17- Apr Blocked out    
Friday 18- Apr Blocked out Good Friday- Easter Weekend  
Thursday 01- May Blocked out    
Friday (1pm-2pm) 02- May Dr. Ross Arena “Contemporary Issues in Cardiac Rehabilitation”  
Thursday (12pm-1pm) 15- May Blocked out    
Friday 16- May Blocked out    
Thursday (12pm-1pm) 29- May Dr. Gans  "Medication Induced Cardiomyopathy"  
Friday (1pm-2pm) 30 -May Dr. Gary Schaer "Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Failure"  
Thursday (12pm-1pm) 12- Jun Blocked out

Friday (1pm-2pm) 13- Jun Dr. Bonini  "Of Macrophages and Endothelia: A mechanism liking chronic inflammation and Vascular dysfunction"
Friday (1pm-2pm) 20- Jun Dr. Stamos  "The Looming Heart Failure Epidemic, Can it be Prevented?"