Objectives and History of the Program

Medical Humanities describe and interpret the theory and practice of medicine through works of philosophy, ethics, history, literature and anthropology. Faculty in the Medical Humanities joined the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1978 to develop humanities instruction for the health sciences center.

Major Activities

Using the proceeds from the Davis endowment, the MHP sponsors a lecture series which each year brings several eminent scholars to the campus. These scholars lecture on such timely issues as abortion, AIDS, women’s health and have offered historical perspectives on key developments and social shifts in medicine. The MHP also sponsors the endowed Begando Lecture which has featured such speakers as Lori Andrews, Sander Gilman, and Ruth Faden in keynote addresses. The Traub-Byfield endowment supports a competitive fellowship among UIC physicians for training in clinical ethics.

The faculty also maintain extremely active research programs in bioethics, clinical ethics, health care communication, representations of medicine in literature, and medical history.

Body Electric, an annual student journal of literary and visual arts.