Dr. Joan Stelmack Receives Top VA Optometrist Award

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Argus II Illustration
Man Receives Vision-Restoring Retinal Implant at UIC
Posted on 2016/12/07
Cornea Society Image
Dimitri Azar gives 2016 Castroviejo Lecture at AAO
Posted on 2016/12/12
green eye image
New Ophthalmic Clinical Trial and Translational Center
Posted on 2016/12/08
Training Lab Microscope
Cless Ophthalmic Surgical Training and Simulation Center
Posted on 2016/12/08
Fellowship Match 2016
One Vision 2014-15
J. Jason McAnany, PhD
Jason McAnany receives the RPB Dolly Green Special Scholar Award
Posted on 2016/07/29
Retina Image
Clinical trial tests cord tissue to treat macular degeneration
Charles Yu
Dr. Charles Yu receives grant to develop artificial cornea
Posted on 2016/08/01
Advanced Glaucoma Surgery Text
Faculty Authored Glaucoma Texts Online
Posted on 2016/02/02
Marilyn Miller
Department Highlights from the AAO Annual Meeting 2015
Posted on 2016/01/25
Fellowship Match 2015
Posted on 2016/02/01
Match Day
Congratulations to the Resident Class of 2019
Posted on 2016/02/23
Fueling Good Road Trip: Lions of Illinois Eye Research Institute Video
Posted on 2016/02/25
William Mieler MD
Investiture of William F. Mieler, MD
Posted on 2015/02/04
Dr. Mark Rosenblatt
Growth factor regenerates damaged nerves without sprouting new blood vessels
Posted on 2014/11/17
Text Book Cover
First comprehensive text on keratoprostheses edited by IEEI faculty
Posted on 2014/11/06
AAO awards Best Post for cornea research to Dr. Medi Eslani
Posted on 2014/11/07
Mark Rosenblatt
Mark I. Rosenblatt, MD, PhD, MBA new Head of Ophthalmology
Posted on 2014/09/23
Dr. Norman Blair
Norman P. Blair, MD retires from clinical practice
Posted on 2014/10/28
Harris Ripps
In Memoriam: Harris Ripps, PhD, DSc, 1927-2014
Posted on 2014/09/23
Q&A with retina expert David Pepperberg on protien and AMD
Xiaoyi Gao, PhD
Native American ancestry is risk factor for diabetic eye disease in Latinos
Congratulations to the Resident Class of 2014
Posted on 2014/06/19
Dr. Hongyu Ying in the Lab
Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness 2014 Awards
Medi Eslani, MD
Post-doc’s work on Toll-like receptors earns him recognition at ARVO
Posted on 2014/06/13
Dr. Ahmad Aref
Ophthalmology faculty selected for College of Medicine Faculty awards
Vinay Aakalu, MD, MPH
Dr. Vinay Aakalu receives NEI funding to study use of stem cells to treat dry eye
Patient Donna Marquez
Life turns "Technicolor" for cataract patient
Posted on 2014/04/30
Dr. Vajaranant
Removal of ovaries before age 43 increases risk for glaucoma
School Bus
Retina Patient is Back on the Road
Posted on 2014/04/17
Annual Report 2013 Cover
Ophthalmology Annual Report Reviews Highlights of 2013
Posted on 2014/03/28
Joan Stelmack, OD, MPH
Dr. Joan Stelmack Receives Top VA Optometrist Award
Posted on 2014/03/17
Woman with glasses
Advancing Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery
Posted on 2014/03/07
Man's face looking up to the sky
10 Ways we Might be Ruining our Eyes
Posted on 2014/02/20
Congratulations to Resident Class of 2018
Posted on 2014/01/15
Chicago Magazine Top Doctors 2014 Cover
Eye and Ear Infirmary Physicians Top the List
Posted on 2014/01/14
Timothy McMahon
Timothy McMahon, OD, FAAO first Vice Chair for Optometry
January is Glaucoma Awareness Month
Posted on 2014/01/07