Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary first in Chicago to offer new eye treatment

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Annual Report 2013 Cover
Ophthalmology Annual Report Reviews Highlights of 2013
Posted on 2014/03/28
Joan Stelmack, OD, MPH
Dr. Joan Stelmack Receives Top VA Optometrist Award
Posted on 2014/03/17
Woman with glasses
Advancing Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery
Posted on 2014/03/07
Man's face looking up to the sky
10 Ways we Might be Ruining our Eyes
Posted on 2014/02/20
Congratulations to Resident Class of 2018
Posted on 2014/01/15
Chicago Magazine Top Doctors 2014 Cover
Eye and Ear Infirmary Physicians Top the List
Posted on 2014/01/14
January is Glaucoma Awareness Month
Posted on 2014/01/07
Dean Dimitri Azar
Dean honored with the José Barraquer Lecture and Award
Posted on 2013/11/19
Gholam Peyman, MD
IEEI faculty alumnus receives honorary doctorate from National University of Cordoba
Posted on 2013/11/01
Vision with Glaucoma
The Value of Federally Funded Vision Research
Posted on 2013/10/09
Rohit Varma, MD, MPH
Dr. Varma reports: Awareness of diabetic retinopathy largely lacking in those with disease
Posted on 2013/10/02
Sandeep Jain MD
Associate Professor, Sandeep Jain, MD receives R01 funding from the National Eye Institute
Posted on 2013/09/06
Second Sight
Argus II retinal prosthesis system on trial at the IEEI
Posted on 2013/07/19
Jameson Lamb
ESPN Profiles IEEI Trauma Patient
Posted on 2013/07/11
Research to Prevent Blindness awards the IEEI
Posted on 2013/06/26
David Pepperberg, PhD
Engineered molecular device may restore vision lost to retinal diseases
Posted on 2013/06/19
ISPB seed grants awarded to six IEEI researchers
Posted on 2013/06/14
Asadolah Movahedan, MD
Eye Infirmary researchers receive best poster recognition
Posted on 2013/06/13
Dr. William Mieler ARVO story
Dr. William Mieler to lead vision research organization
Posted on 2013/06/03
heart shaped vegetables on retina
Supplements Aid in Protection against Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Posted on 2013/05/10
Stephen J. Ryan, MD
In Memoriam: Stephen J. Ryan, MD, 1940-2013
Posted on 2013/05/10
Beatrice Yue, PhD
Research sheds new light on molecular underpinning of glaucoma
Posted on 2013/04/17
Dr. Marilyn Miller Rize Award
Dr. Marilyn Miller recognized by Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology for international service
Posted on 2013/04/17
Dr. Thasarat Vajaranant
Thasarat S. Vajaranant, MD, receives AGS award for research of women’s eye health
Posted on 2013/04/11
Dr. Rohit Varma
Eye Infirmary chair named to Institute of Medicine Roundtable
Posted on 2013/04/11
William Mieler, MD, recognized for extraordinary contributions to diseases of the macula
Posted on 2013/03/11
 Jetrea injections
Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary first in Chicago to offer new eye treatment
Posted on 2013/02/28
Dr. Rohit Varma
Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary Chair Contributes to NEI Update on Vision Research
Posted on 2013/02/20
Dr. Jenny Lim
Special report on AMD and Diabetic Retinopathy with Dr. Jennifer Lim on Medical Edge Radio
Posted on 2013/02/13
Raymond Gao, PhD
Statistical Geneticist joins Research Faculty
Posted on 2013/02/11
Gholam Peyman, MD
Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary faculty alum Gholam Peyman wins National Medal of Technology and Innovation
Posted on 2013/01/25
Kevin Patel, MD and Kavitha Sivaraman, MD
Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary announces Chief Residents for 2013-14
Posted on 2013/01/15
Kevin Patel, MD and Kavitha Sivaraman, MD  more
Mahnaz Shahidi, PhD named UIC 2012 Inventor of the Year
Posted on 2013/01/11
Dr. Marilyn Miller
AAO honors Marilyn T. Miller, MD MS for international service
Posted on 2013/01/03
Fellowship match
Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary Residents match with top fellowships
Posted on 2013/01/02
Dr. Leiderman and patient, Tyler Burress and Family
An energetic teen regains his sight
Posted on 2012/11/13