Photos From 2013 MARC in Kansas City

April 29, 2013



Dr. Anil Ladhani

Dr. Arun Joseph

Dr. Beth Teegarden

Dr. Carmen Rivera

Dr. Desiree Ekundayo

Dr. Elizabeth Lange

Dr. Evelyn Hofferica

Dr. Jeff Hughes

Dr. Jennifer Mendoza

Dr. Jon Munro

Dr. Judith Kelley

Dr. Lindsey Whalen

Dr. Lisa Adiutori



Residents Honored At 2013 MARC

April 28, 2013

The 2013 Midwest Anesthesia Residents Conference (MARC) was held this past weekend in Kansas City. Congratulations to all of our residents who presented, and to these residents who were honored by the MARC judges:

Presenter Category
Judith Kelley, MD Pediatrics-2nd Place
Anil Ladhani, MD General-2nd Place
Jonathan Munro, MD Patient Safety-2nd Place
Carmen Rivera, MD General-2nd Place
The entire list of department presentations is here:
Lisa Adiutori Fetal Distress after Placement of Uterine Artery Balloon Occlusion
Catheters in a Patient with Suspected Placenta Increta
Desiree Ekundayo 27 Year Old Female with End Stage Renal Disease on Hemodialysis
with Profound Hypotension During Cesarean Delivery
Evelyn Hofferica Assessment of Lung Injury Following Burn in a Murine Model
Jeffrey Hughes Laryngeal Mask Airway Placement after Failed Intubation for Cesarean Delivery
Arun Joseph Whole Lung Lavage for Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis
Judith Kelley Six Years Old, Potassium of 7, Operating Room 8 Ready And Waiting
Anil Ladhani Patient with BMI 60+ with Montgomery T-Type Tracheostomy Incompatible with Anesthesia Circuit in Off-Site Location
Elizabeth Lange Repeat Cesarean Delivery In Parturient With Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Jennifer Mendoza Retained Foreign Body after Postpartum Hemorrhage
Jonathan Munro Quantified Continuity of Anesthetic Care at a Teaching Hospital
Carmen Rivera Tension Pneumothroaces after Iatrogenic Cecal Tear during Colonoscopy
Christina Smith Tracheal Tear after Robotic Cholecystectomy: Case Recognition and Implications for Quality Improvement
Beth Teegarden A Case of a Re-Operation Tricuspid and Pulmonic Valve Replacement in a Patient with Carcinoid Heart Disease
Lindsey Whalen The Multidisciplinary Development of an Obstetric Specific Safety Checklist for Quality Improvement in Cesarean Deliveries
Tian Zhao A Case of Suspected Intraoperative Anaphylaxis Confirmed by Elevated Tryptase Level