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ACGME Program Requirements & Case Log

ACGME Case Log Entry

  1. The ACGME no longer accepts data from any outside source such as CareLog. Access via a PDA or Palm device to ACGME is also NOT available.
  2. Your CareLog data is still available to you via the following link:
ACGME Case Log LOGIN Link:
ACGME Case Log Requirements Link (see pages 15-18):
Please note the following entry/requirement changes:
--ASA Physical Status is now a required entry.
--There are more choices under Anesthesia type and Airway Management Techniques.
--Endovascular (vascular or intracranial) procedures have their own categories under the Procedure Category heading.
--Trauma case requirements have changed from 10 to 20 cases.
--Pediatric case classifications have changed to the following:
 Less than 12 years – 100 required
 Less than 3 years – 20 (of the above 100) required
 Less than 3 months – 5 (of the above 20) required
ACGME Anesthesiology Program Requirements (including approved ACGME fellowships) Link:
If you have any questions regarding the transition from CareLog to the ACGME Case Log system, please contact:
Peggy Wheeler, MD


Photos by Sebastian Ruehlmann, M.D.