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Pradeep K Dudeja, PhD

Professor of Physiology in Medicine

Education and Training
 Graduate School: Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh, India
 Postdoctoral: University of Chicago - Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Illinois


Basic Interests:

My research primarily focuses on the investigation of the mechanisms of salt (NaCl) and water absorption in the human large intestine in health and disease. We are also interested in understanding mechanisms of transport of other ions in the human colon such as calcium, oxalate and potassium. Our laboratory has recently developed techniques for the isolation and purification of the plasma membranes from colonic mucosa of the organ donor colons. Utilizing these techniques our laboratory has, for the first time, been able to demonstrate sodium and chloride transport mechanisms of the human large intestine at the luminal and basolateral membrane level. Utilizing molecular biology techniques we have also identified and partially characterized the molecular isoforms for sodium and chloride transporters (NHEs and AEs) expressed along the length of the human intestine. Some specific projects include: 

  • Investigating mechanisms of modulation of sodium-hydrogen exchangers and chloride-bicarbonate exchangers in response to infection by important food borne pathogens Enteropathogenic E. coli and C. difficile
  •  investigating the role of probiotics as potential antidiarrheal agents and delineating mechanisms underlying these beneficial effects
  • Understanding the role of monocarboxylate transporters in human colonic short chain fatty acid absorption.  Since short chain fatty acid e.g. butyrate plays important roles as antineoplastic and anti-inflammatory agent as well as being the preferred nutrient for colonocytes, these ongoing studies have great significance in maintenance of epithelial integrity and disease prevention in colon
  • Recent studies also focus in the area of nanomedicine, particularly the role of GLP-1 and VIP in nanoparticles in animal models of IBD 

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