The Division of Translational Research is dedicated to promoting multi-disciplinary research between surgeons and scientists working in basic or applied fields of investigation within the University of Illinois state wide system for curative or preemptive therapies to mitigate or eliminate disease. We are highly dedicated to the education of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students. We welcome you and invite you to explore the  opportunities available for research activities within the Department of Surgery.

The Division of Translational Research has facilitated research projects in a number of varied areas within the University of Illinois. Examples of successful collaborations include joint research projects with the Departments of BioengineeringNational Center for Supercomputing ApplicationsCivil and Environmental Engineering, the College of Dentistry Center for Wound Healing  and Tissue Regeneration, and the Toxicology Research Laboratory in the Department of Pharmacology.

The Division of Translational Research along with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and industry  hosts the Annual Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Symposium. This program highlights exciting advances in the fields of angiogenesis, bioscaffolds and bioengineered tissues,  stem-cell based organ  and tissue repair and regeneration, and applied nanotechnology. Prizes are awarded for the top three student abstracts.

For Students and Residents

The Department of Surgery is delighted to offer several research opportunities for students. Research spans from surgical case reports to the basic science of wound healing, transplantation tolerance, or islet cell biology. The Division of Translational Research is committed to pairing students with appropriate mentors for research. The student or resident should review the departmental web page for potential topics of interest and directly contact the surgeons involved with that topic. The table below shows a sample of research available for medical student involvement. For additional discussion or direction,  the student is also invited to contact Amelia Bartholomew, MD, MPH, FACS for available mentors, [email protected]

Anorectal fistula, new strategiesHerand Abcarian, MD
Anorectal Reconstruction, complexHerand Abcarian, MD
Bariatric Surgery, Minimally InvasiveAntonio Gangemi
Bone Physiology and biomechanicsPravin Patel, MD
Cardiothoracic surgery, cardiopulmonary preservationMalek Massad, MD
Cardiothoracic surgery, myocardial protectionMalek Massad, MD
Cleft and Craniofascial Reconstructive SurgeryMimis Cohen, MD
Gastric Surgery, Minimally InvasiveAntonio Gangemi
Islet Transplantation, Biology, and EngineeringMario Spaggiari, MD
Limb Salvage and Novel Multi-disciplinary ApproachesWilliam Ennis;

Martin Borhani, MD

Liver Transplantation, Outcome measuresMario Spaggiari, MD
Lung cancer geneticsMalek Massad MD
MelanomaMichael Warso, MD
Orthognathic SurgeryPravin Patel, MD
Pediatric surgery, bariatricThom E. Lobe
Pediatric Surgery, general Thom E. Lobe
Pediatric surgery, trauma care Thom E. Lobe
Plastic Surgery, Post-Bariatric Surgery Body ContouringMimis Cohen, MD
Renal Regeneration, Stem cell and nanoparticle basedAmelia Bartholomew MD, MPH, FACS
Renal Transplantation, Health DisparitiesIvo G. Tzvetanov
Renal Transplantation, Highly Sensitized PatientPatricia West, PharmD
Renal Transplantation, New ImmunosuppressivesEnrico Benedetti, MD

Patricia West, PharmD

Renal Transplantation, ObesityEnrico Benedetti, MD

Patricia West, PharmD

Robotic Surgery, Flourescent Imaging in Biliary SurgeryPier Cristoforo Giulianotti, MD
Robotic Surgery, Flourescent Imaging in Kidney SurgeryEnrico Benedetti, MD, FACS
Robotic Surgery, Novel Techniques, Software, and toolsAntonio Gangemi
Robotic Surgery, Patient Outcome MeasuresFrancesco Maria Bianco, MD
Robotic Surgery, Simulatio Models for Surgical TrainingAntonio Gangemi
Surgical Education and SimulationAntonio Gangemi

Amelia Bartholomew, MD, MPH, FACS

Tissue regeneration using stem cell and laster therapiesAmelia Bartholomew MD, MPH, FACS
Transplantation ToleranceAmelia Bartholomew MD, MPH, FACS
Vascular Surgery, Hemodynamics of arterial bifurcationMartin Borhani, MD

Arif Masud, PhD

Vascular surgery, Pathogenesis of Ischemic UlcerMartin Borhani, MD

William Ennis

Wound healing, Cost AnalysesWilliam Ennis
Wound healing,  Governmental PolicyWilliam Ennis
Wound healing, new clinical treatmentsWilliam Ennis
Wound healing, Outcome measuresWilliam Ennis