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The Investigator’s Guide to Grants and Contracts 

This handbook provides overall assistance, as well as step-by-step guidance for investigators involved in sponsored research. Checklists, tips, protocols and regulations are included to provide a comprehensive guide to grants and contracts.

Reference Guide for Project Close-Out (Financial & Administrative Activities)

This booklet provides an overview of the procedures involved in closing-out a sponsored project.  Checklists, protocols and regulations are included to assist investigators and administrators involved in sponsored research.


UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS)

UIC’s CCTS was first funded by the NIH in 2009 as part of the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program. The CTSA network of over 60 medical research institutions- known as hubs- seek to accelerate the research process, enabling scientific discoveries to reach patients and populations faster. This unique hub structure enables research teams to tackle scientific and operational challenges in clinical and translational research that are best addressed by collaborative work. CTSA hubs work together locally and nationally to catalyze innovation in training, research tools and best research processes. As UIC’s hub for clinical and translational health research, the CCTS seeks to improve population health, particularly among minorities and underserved populations. 


UIC Department of Pediatrics

Research Seed Money Protocol


Money is available to faculty and staff in the UIC Department of Pediatrics for support of research ideas development, study implementation, and results dissemination. Note that bridge funding and high cost requests (faculty or extended staff time, bridge funding, major project or data management support, etc) need to be negotiated separately with the Associate Head for Research and Department Chair.



This money comes from the indirect cost return the Department receives from the College of Medicine Dean’s Office. This money varies depending on the amount of grants received and the sources of the grants.



The UIC Department of Pediatrics Research Committee has $25,000 per year to be distributed for seed funding. Requests in excess of allotted funds require separate negotiations with the Chair and should be drawn from other sources than this fund.


Types of Research Seed Money Requests:

The following are anticipated requests but this is not an exclusive list. Other types of requests may occur and should be given equal consideration. Money must be for a duration of less than six months.

  • Open access publishing fees (around $2000 per request)
  • Conferences for presentation of research (around $2000 per request)
  • Administrative and data management supports for projects
  • Research supplies
  • Staff for short-term research-related tasks (for example, a data collector for 4 weeks)
  • Pilot project incentives
  • Classes on research methods
  • CCTS support services (IRB management or biostatisticial support)
  • IHRP data management services



Research Seed Money funds are stored in an account with their own account number. This account is managed by the Department of Pediatrics Director of Research Administration. Requests for funding must be first approved by the Research Committee. Once approved, the Director of Research Administration will develop a plan for payment with the awardee. Awardees cannot exceed the amount of money allotted without approval of the Research Committee. Money that is not spent in the allotted time or projects that go over their timeline will be reviewed by the Associate Head for Research and Director of Research Administration who will make a decision if the award can be extended. Excess money/unspent money must be returned to the fund; it cannot be moved to other projects without repeating the full request process.



  1. Applicant completes application form and submits to Director of Research Administration
  2. A member of the Research Committee conducts a pre-review of the application. Any missing information or clarifications are sent back to the applicant.
  3. Once the application has completed the pre-review, it is presented to the Research Committee for a vote. The Committee meetings monthly. If a vote is required more quickly or changes are requested, the vote can happen via email. Note that decisions may be delayed if the funds are low or if the Committee is attempting to accommodate high priority requests.
  4. The Director of Research Administration notifies the applicant of the decision. If money is awarded, the plan for payment is developed.


Director of Research Administration
Hélène A. Gussin, PhD, CRA
University of Illinois at Chicago – Department of Pediatrics
840 S. Wood Street, CSB 1248, MC 856
Chicago, IL 60612
P: 312-355-5166


Associate Head for Research
Molly A Martin, MD, MAPP
University of Illinois at Chicago  – Department of Pediatrics
840 South Wood Street, M/C 856
Chicago, IL 60612
P: 312-996-2363