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Advancing Pediatric research

UIC Pediatrics and CHUI are at the forefront of research, leading numerous studies targeting:
• Adolescent obesity and its complications
• Adolescent mental health
• Asthma in children
• Chronic kidney disease
• Health-related quality of life in survivors of neuroblastoma
• Medical ethics including end-of-life issues
• Neonatal and pediatric gastrointestinal diseases


+475% : Increase in total number of publications by UIC Pediatrics and CHUI physicians over the last five years

+525% : Increase in National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants since 2008; UIC Pediatrics now ranks second in funding from the NIH among Chicago medical institutions

Special focus: identifying the mechanisms of lung disease in newborns and children

At CHUI, researchers and clinicians are addressing the critical need for novel insights, biomarkers and therapies to treat devastating chronic childhood lung diseases. Both basic and translational research are focused on understanding the molecular basis of lung disease that originates in the fetus and newborn. Results may provide new therapeutic strategies to improve clinical outcomes and decrease health care costs. Highlights include:
• A joint effort between basic researchers and clinicians enables an IRB protocol to collect and analyze tracheal aspirates (TAS) from preterm babies undergoing ventilator support
• Basic researchers and neonatologists team up to identify potential novel mechanisms that can contribute to complications in bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) patients and newborns and children with pulmonary hypertension

“Exploring the body’s complex processes and translating the research findings to the bedside is a constant source of satisfaction. We’re never done asking questions and discovering why dysfunctions occur and how we can stop them, or looking for ways to repair the process.” 

–Sekhar Reddy, PhD, Chief; Professor and Associate Head for Basic Research


P. Reddy, Sekhar MD
Chief, Division of Developmental Biology and Basic Research;
Professor of Pediatrics

Raj, Usha MD
Anjuli S. Nayak Professor of Pediatrics

Chauhan, Neelima PhD
Associate Professor

Ramchandran, Ramaswamy PhD
Research Assistant Professor

Zhou, Guofei PhD
Associate Professor