1. All residents will be involved in QI projects
    1. PGY1 and 2 residents will be actively involved in current projects, working to develop their own project
    2. PGY3 residents will implement their own project based on an inpatient or clinical event witnessed or an improvement project with respect to clinical education or process
    3. PGY3 residents will identify a mentor to facilitate the project and provide additional oversight
    4. PGY4 and 5 residents will complete project or prepare for transition to junior residents
    5. All residents will present their on-going projects at the end of the year with invited stakeholders
    6. Residents will consider avenues for publication
  2. 75% attendance rate for QI lecture curriculum
  3. PGY3 research residents will attend a three day QI course organized by UIC faculty, designed to reinforce the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to successfully implement change initiatives and improvement projects