A. University of Illinois at Chicago
                Sleep Science Center
                Adult and pediatric clinics
                Nine bed lab for adult and pediatric sleep studies
                Home Sleep Apnea testing program
                UIH Hospital inpatient sleep consult and in hospital testing program
                Positive Airway Pressure Adherence (PAP)
                Advocate Children’s Hospital Infant Sleep Medicine
                Behavioral Sleep Medicine
                Dental Sleep Medicine
                Surgical Sleep Medicine – Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) and Oral Maxillofacial
B. Jesse Brown Veteran Administration Hospital
                Outpatient clinics
                Two bed sleep lab
                Outpatient and inpatient Cardio Respiratory Sleep Apnea Testing

C. Online Graduate Medical Education Core Curriculum
The Department of Medical Education developed a core curriculum to address accreditation concerns of GME programs to assure that all areas are covered.  It includes a review of ethical, socioeconomic, medical/legal and cost-containment issues that affect GME and medical practice.  Complete the four required modules of the Core Curriculum and then GME 112 Clinical Ethics for Physicians must also be completed as required by the program.

Mandatory Modules:

GME 114: Introduction to the General Competencies
Next you must complete any three of the following modules:
GME 101: Medical Professionalism
GME 103: Leadership and the Health Care Team
GME 106: Life-Long Learning and Evidence-Based Medicine
GME 107: Teaching Skills for the Physician Educator
GME 111: Communications Skills for Health Care Professionals
GME 115: Focus on Patient Safety

Required by program:

GME 112: Clinical Ethics for Physicians

B. Medical Informatics and Computer Skills
The fellows attend both at the VA and UIH a course for the use of our computerized patient care records.  They have access to the internet at both VA and the UIH for search purposes.  Some of the relevant topics are covered in the curriculum of the Department of Medicine designed for all of the subspecialty fellows.

D. Quality Assessment, Quality Improvement, Risk Management and Cost Effectiveness in Medicine
Quality improvement is a central theme to the teaching at UIC.  The University Hospital has had Patient Safety day and frequently has lectures and discussions on these topics.  These topics are also covered in the curriculum of the Department of Medicine.  Separate online ethics programs are mandated by the University, State of Illinois, Veteran Administration, and Institution Board Review.  The whole purpose of the annual retreat is quality improvement.  The Program Director is part of a national network of program directors whose main focus is quality improvement.

E. Research Experience
Each fellow is required to participate in scholarly activity.  This may include participation in ongoing clinical or basic research projects. Independently developed quality assurance projects will also be considered.  The fellow is expected to submit to the Program Director proposed project for scholarly activity. The fellow is expected to complete a project before the end of training.

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