Infectious Diseases is tough so surrounding yourself with a good support system is key. Infectious Diseases training at UIC will provide you exposure to great diversity of pathology with the mentorship and support from outstanding faculty. The education experience you will receive at UIC is unparalleled due to the patient population and the faculty that UIC attracts.

Current Fellows

Phillip Clapham | [email protected]
: Waterford, MI (Detroit suburb)

Medical School: Michigan State Residency
Indiana University, Indianapolis
Interests: HIV/AIDS, mycobacterial infections, STI’s and viral hepatitis. My career aspirations are to combine clinical work in one (or more) of those areas with public health/epidemiology projects.  I enjoy eating pizza, fried chicken, barbecue and ice cream, being outside (in all four seasons), museums, movies, science podcasts and hanging out with friends’ pets and children.

Katherine Kaplar | [email protected]
: Crown Point, IN

Medical School: Midwestern University CCOM
Residency: University of Chicago (NorthShore)
Interests: I love and chose ID for many reasons. It’s great to be able to provide such a wide variety of care for patients – from outpatient primary care for those living with HIV, to life saving antibiotics for those septic in the ICU. My interests within ID are clinical infectious disease, antibiotic and culture testing stewardship, and post-operative infections. Non-ID Interests: crime documentaries, dogs, Harry Potter, Pure Barre, SoulCycle, wine, and trying all the doughnuts in Chicago

Marla Krukowski | [email protected]
Bethpage, NY (Long Island)
Medical School
: NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine

Residency: Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, NY
Interests: I enjoy general infectious diseases, with a specific interest in HIV/AIDS and STIs
General interests: On my free time I enjoy traveling, getting to know Chicago (especially all of the great restaurants), movies, going to metal concerts, reading, museums.

Naman Jhaveri | [email protected]
Toronto, Canada
Medical School
: Saba University School of Medicine

Residency: Canton Medical Education Foundation
Interests: Infectious Diseases initially interested me because of its integral involvement in Global Health but also, it is at the intersection of many other medical and surgical subspecialties which creates a unique role for us in the hospital as diagnosticians, clinicians, liaisons, educators etc. Outside of the hospital, I have a stark interest in quality cocktails, food, and exploring the city. I have a dog named Luna and she often keeps me (and my co-fellows) busy!

Former Fellow Highlight

Gail Reid, MD (2008 graduate) is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Loyola University Medical Center and the ID Fellowship Program Director.

Jennifer Layden, MD, PhD (2011 graduate) is Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Former Fellows

Sheila Barry, MD, PhD – Metro South Medical Center, Chicago, IL
Richard Doyle, MD, PhD – St. Anthony Hospital, Chicago, IL
Catalina Merrick, DO – Erie Family Health Center, Chicago, IL
Donna Moritz, MD – Research Fellowship, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

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