Hematology/Oncology Consultation Service

University of Illinois Hospital

The hematology/oncology consultation service provides care to patients with a wide variety of diagnoses. As well as receiving consults for benign hematologic problems, the service also coordinates care for patients with hematologic malignancies or solid tumors who are admitted to other inpatient hospital services. Therefore this service includes a broad spectrum of diseases and differential diagnoses that are seen in a tertiary referral center. Typically, fellows will rotate through the hem/onc consult service for three to four months of the three-year fellowship.

Inpatient Oncology Service

University of Illinois Hospital

The inpatient oncology service is a fast-paced clinical rotation that allows the fellow to experience a wide spectrum of diseases in various stages. During their time on the service, fellows will encounter patients that have newly diagnosed malignancies, patients that are currently undergoing treatment, as well as patients that are having complications or chronic issues related to their cancer or treatment. Fellows will be expected to familiarize themselves with the basic pathophysiology of each disease state. Fellows will also need to learn the staging for each disease sub-type and general aspects in treatment and monitoring of disease status. On average, fellows will rotate through the inpatient oncology service for four to five months during their three years in fellowship.

Hematology and Oncology Consultation Services

Jesse Brown VA Medical Center

The Jesse Brown VA Medical Center hematology and oncology consultation service provides fellows with the opportunity to work with a unique and interesting patient population. Commonly encountered malignancies include lung, head and neck, prostate and GI cancers. This affords fellows a high degree of autonomy with the supervision of UIC and Northwestern University faculty. Fellows also see consults with the hospice/palliative care service. Fellows will rotate through the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center consult rotation for about four to five months of their three-year fellowship and all first year fellows will have one continuity clinic with their own patient panel.

Hematology/Oncology Consultation Service

Mercy Hospital

The Mercy Hospital hematology/oncology consultation service gives fellows exposure to an underserved, inner-city patient population. Given their lack of healthcare and screening, many patients seen at MercyHospital have more advanced stages of the disease. In the rotation, fellows will learn how to communicate with patients about sensitive issues like the diagnosis of cancer, end-of-life issues, and pain control, while still keeping the patients cultural and educational barriers in mind. First year fellows usually rotate on Mercy service after they have had at least four to five months of service at UIC and the VA. Fellows will typically spend two to three months on this service during their three-year fellowship program.

Hematology/Oncology Consultation Service

MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn, Illinois

The MacNeal Hopsital hematology/oncology consultation service allows fellows to practice hematology and oncology in a suburban community teaching hospital. Fellows will spend about three months on service at MacNeal during their fellowship. MacNeal Hospital has a very diverse patient population. Like Mount Sinai Hospital, many of the patients come from low-income households and oftentimes lack documentation and health insurance. Fellows will perform inpatient consultations on benign and malignant hematology and oncology topics on patients from all services (medical, surgical, Rehab, psychiatry, OB, etc).

Hematology Pathology Rotation

University of Illinois Hospital

The hematology pathology rotation is a mandatory two-week rotation that gives first year fellows experience with reviewing peripheral blood smears and bone marrow biopsies and aspirates as well as diagnosing various hematological disorders and diseases based on histologic data. Hematopathology provides diagnostic evaluation of blood, bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen and hematolyphoid lesions. Fellows will learn competently review slides and make diagnoses based on morphologic appearance of cells. The hematopathology rotation consists of daily interaction with pathology residents, fellows, and attendings as well as attendance at daily heme-path sign-out meetings.

Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine Rotation

University of Illinois Hospital

The blood bank/transfusion medicine rotation provides fellows with exposure to a wide array of problems encountered by personnel in an active blood bank service. Fellows will learn how to evaluate patients with many blood disorders in the laboratory. They will also become familiar with the techniques of therapeutic apheresis and will gain an understanding in the principles of stem cell pheresis. The blood bank/transfusion medicine rotation is another two-week rotation that fellows participate in during their first year.

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