Career & Research Mentorship

Our Wednesday mentoring meetings include the Sunrise Mentoring Meeting and Lifestyle Research Collaboratory. The one-hour meetings include Dr. Jun Ma, Dr. Ben Gerber and other researchers interested in lifestyle/behavior research. These meeting aims to offer ideas and feedback on planned research from an interdisciplinary perspective. For grant proposals, this may include discussion about study conceptualization and design, specific aims, methodological issues, partial drafts, and reviewer responses. We also provide input on manuscript development including structure and responding to reviewer comments. Individuals who present may return to future meetings, periodically, for ongoing support leading to submission of their work.

Individual Career Counseling

Vitoux Aging and Prevention (VIP) Postdoctoral Fellowship….Coming soon.

Students and Trainees

Aashutos Patel, BA, BS, M4 Medical Student
Tessa Eckley, MS, M3 Medical Student
Kevin Tan, M1 Medical Student

Program Alumni

Wesley Lefferts, PhD.
Dr. Lefferts completed the T32 Precision Lifestyle Medicine and Translation Research (PREMIER) Postdoctoral Training Program in August 2020 and is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Iowa State University.  Profile

Urveel Shah, MD
Dr. Shah begins the residency program at Johns Hopkins for Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in 2020.

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