American Society of Anesthesiology National Meeting 2018 Presentations

SpeakerCo-Authors/MentorsPresentation Title
Dr. Geraldine DiazThe Cirrhotic Patient
Presenting for Elective Surgery: Anesthesia Pearls and Pitfalls
Dr. Jennifer AndersonDr. Nicole ThompsonFront of Neck Emergency Invasive Airway Rescue using Swine Trachea Model
Dr. Josh KaliskyDr. Jamey Eklund, Dr. Corinne Weinstein, Dr. Heather NixonMC1265 / Monitor 12 – Cocaine Use And Cerebral Aneurysm In The Parturient
Dr. Danop NanegrungsunkDr. Barbara JerichoMC1362 / Monitor 16 – Anesthetic Management for Ectodermal Dysplasia
Dr. Heather NixonPatient and Provider Education
Dr. Jacqueline GalvanWhat Do I Need to Know About Anesthesia for Cesarean Section
Dr. Guy WeinbergAnesthesia Toxicity and Lipid Rescue
Dr. Monica KumarDr. Heather Nixon, Dr. Evelyn YehMC1278 / Monitor 12 – A Laboring Patient With Recent Pulmonary Embolism: Anticoagulation For
The Full Term Parturient
Dr. Hachem HachemDr. Barbara JerichoMC1161 / Monitor 07 – Awake Fiberoptic Intubation Complicated By Large Subglottic Granuloma
Dr. Monica KumarDr. Ben Changyalaket, Dr. Richard BanchsMC1238 / Monitor 10 – Suspected Propofol Infusion Syndrome During Intra-operative Total
Intravenous Anesthesia For Anterior And Posterior Cervical Discectomy And Fusion
Dr. Nandhini MarupudiDr. Khalid MalikMC1334 / Monitor 14 – Spontaneous Absorption Of A Large Herniated Intervertebral Lumbar Disc
With Extrusion
Dr. Jacqueline GalvanObstetric Anesthesia Concerns; What Do Patients Want to Talk About? – Moderator
Dr. Steven RothA2066 – Autophagy and Ischemic Post-conditioning in the Retina
Dr. Corinne WeinsteinDr. Jacqueline GalvanTable 5 – A (Dural) Hole Lot to Learn About Anesthetic Management of a Laboring Patient with
Preeclampsia with Severe Features
Dr. Mital PatelDr. Rena BeckerlyMC2629 / Monitor 14 – Utilization Of ESA In An ALS Patient With Lower Extremity Symptoms
Dr. Erin HaggertyDr. Allen GustinMC2160 / Monitor 04 – Indefinite Ecmo And A Bridge To Nowhere
Dr. Jamey EklundDr. Helen Lee, Dr. Steven RothA2148 / Monitor 12 – Incidence of Acute Kidney Injury After Scoliosis Surgery in Pediatric Patients
Dr. Leelach RothschildDr. Steven Roth, Alex Barabanova, Dr. Paulina Voronov, Dr. Helen LeeMonitor 10 – Anesthesia in Children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta: Retrospective Review of
83 Patients and 205 Cases Over 7 Years
Dr. Barbara JerichoEthical Considerations in the Co-Management of Surgical Patients
Dr. Guy WeinbergLipid Resuscitation: What You Need to Know for LAST and Beyond
Dr. Ryan MilitanaDr. Christopher Chiang, Dr. Heather NixonMC2547 / Monitor 12 – Pregnant Hemophilia A Carrier And Neuraxial Analgesia
Dr. Larissa JonesDr. Jamey EklundMC2316 / Monitor 07 – When Best-laid Plans Go Awry: Successful Nasal Intubation In A
Developmentally Delayed Teenager With Jaw Fracture, Despite Equipment Failure And
Copious Nasal Bleeding
Dr. Monica KumarDr. Heather NixonMC1278 / Monitor 12 – A Laboring Patient With Recent Pulmonary Embolism: Anticoagulation
For The Full Term Parturient
Dr. Jarna ShahDr. Rena BeckerlyMC2645 / Monitor 14 – Hemodynamically Stable Ventricular Tachycardia During Spinal Cord
Stimulator Trial
Dr. David EsparazDr. Galvan, Dr. NixonMC2507 / Monitor 11 – Exploratory Laparotomy On Pod 1 After Planned Cesarean Hysterectomy
For Placenta Accreta. What’s The Big Deal?
Dr. Victor Diego Chauvet AlmazonDr. Jennifer AndersonMC2275 / Monitor 06 – Airway Management In A Case Of Massive Substernal Goiter With
Preemptive Femoral Cannulation For Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Dr. Guy WeinbergASRA Practice Advisories: Review and Update
Dr. Steven RothA3011 – Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Incidence in Spinal Fusion Continues to Decline
Dr. Vamshi YelavarthiDr. Nikki WilkinsonMC3076 / Monitor 03 – Symptomatic Severe Aortic Stenosis Secondary To A Unicommissural
Unicuspid Aortic Valve
Dr. Corinne WeinsteinDr. Jacqueline Galvan, Dr. Heather NixonA3032 / Monitor 16 – The Inability to Obtain CSF Via the Spinal Needle Duringcse Placement
Predicts Epidural Catheter Failure: A Retrospective Review
Dr. Rohit ChoudharyDr. Marina GitmanMC3549 / Monitor 16 – Anesthetic Management Of Severe Hypotension And Tachycardia After
Induction Of Anesthesia In A Healthy Asa 1 Patient During Elective Bilateral Breast Reduction
Dr. Ryan MilitanaDr. Jacqueline GalvanMC3587 / Monitor 17 – Severe Intraoperative Respiratory Acidosis And New Onset Dysrhythmia
During Combined Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy And Kidney Transplant: Challenges In
Dr. Yusuf ArefDr. Heather NixonMC3342 / Monitor 10 – Uterine Fibroids In A Jehovah’s Witness
Dr. Chanannait PaisansathanPractical Management of

High-risk Geriatric Patient: Brain, Heart-Lung and Kidneys

Dr. Steven RothA4063 / Monitor 09 – Mechanisms of Endocytosis of Exosomes in Retinal Neurons and Protection
from Hypoxia
Dr. Gina Votta-VelisFundamentals of Cancer Biology for the Anesthesiologist
Dr. Corinne WeinsteinDr. Jacqueline Galvan, Dr. Heather NixonA (Dural) Hole Lot to Learn About Anesthetic Management of a Laboring Patient with Preeclampsia
with Severe Features
Dr. Steven RothA4287 – Mesenchymal Stem Cell Extracellular Vesicles and Neuroprotection in the Retina