Developing and maintaining your web presence

To help units create and maintain a web presence, the College of Medicine has invested in a content management system (CMS). The CMS provides built-in templates and easy-to-use tool bars. Now, individuals with little or no knowledge in programming or markup languages can easily maintain content on their own, as opposed to relying on a webmaster. In addition to ease of use, this system also preserves the College of Medicine branding across all sites. The CMS is administered by the Web Communications Coordinator.

About the CMS

All College of Medicine staff and faculty may use the CMS, free of charge, to build and maintain websites within the College of Medicine environment. The system we use is called SitePublish. We have been working closely with our provider to make consistent and iterative improvements to our tool set. SitePublish divides your page into elements called "portlets". There are many portlets that can be placed into pages ranging from simple text boxes, to rotating image banners and calendars. For example, this page consists of 2 portlets, the menu on the left, and the main content area where you are now reading. Editing this is as simple as editing a Microsoft Word file! Furthermore, since each portlet retains a history of previous versions,  you can always preview and restore previous versions whenever you like. For the more experienced user, the editor also allows you use your own HTML and CSS. There are also content control features within the system. For example, you can designate a content approver. Each time an edit is made, the approver will be notified and will have to approve the edit for it to be published. We are constantly working to add new options and tools to the CMS system, and have several improvements in the works right now. 

COMWEB Services

  • In-person individual and group CMS training
  • Consultation regarding site development, architecture, expansion, and migration
  • Back end administration: accounts, editor changes etc.
  • Assistance with university web standards and policies
  • Resolving departmental tickets and bug issues
  • Answers to general web related inquires
  • For assistance and questions please email