Cancer Targets and Therapeutics Program



Cancer Targets and Therapeutics Program



  Program Co-Leader, John Nittiss, PhD


  Program Co-Leader, Arek Dudek, MD, PhD


CTT Member List   

The Cancer Targets and Therapeutics Program (CTT) has two major areas of focus. The first is to develop novel therapeutics that target molecules critical to the survival of cancer cells. The second is to employ these targeted agents to devise novel, state-of-the-art delivery and imaging technologies to treat tumors and to evaluate their response to therapy. 

The major scientific themes of the program are:

1) Discovery of small molecules from natural and synthetic sources

2) Screening libraries of small molecules against validated molecular targets

3) Formulation and delivery of small molecules and biologics in vitro and in vivo

4) Application of novel imaging technologies in vitro and in vivo to monitor tumor progression and response

Members of the program represent a diverse group of investigators at each of the University of Illinois campuses in Chicago, Urbana-Champaign, Rockford and Peoria in the colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, and Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The membership has a broad range of expertise, including computer-aided drug design, medicinal chemistry, target validation, molecular pharmacology, high-throughput screening, drug delivery and nanomedicine, animal pharmacology and toxicology, bioengineering, and imaging.