4th Floor Active Learning Rooms4th Floor Small Classroom Demolition Area4th Floor Small Classroom Demolition Area with Wall Tracking

4th Floor Active Learning Rooms

4th Floor Small Classroom Demolition Area

4th Floor Small Classroom Demolition Area with Wall Tracking


LCP Demolition Schedule Update

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As progress has been further made on the demolition phase of the Learning Center Project we would like to provide you with some specific updates on the forward movement of the project.

  • Much of the 4th and 5th floor auditorium has been removed in preparation for the construction of two separate floors off active learning classrooms. Additional demolition on the second and third floors is proceeding as scheduled.
  • The revised demolition schedule previously noted that heavy demolition work would be moved to off hours (after 4 p.m.). There will yet be other electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and mechanical engineers working during normal hours in order to complete necessary advance preparations for the demolition contractors which may yet cause disturbances in the immediate vicinity. 
  • We have noted dust infiltration on the 3rd floor and have connected with the contractors to re-seal the seams and partitions that lead to the public corridor. If problems continue to arise please contact the Dean's Office at ext. 6-3500 or email COM-LEARNINGCTR@uic.edu
  • In the coming weeks we will continue running of electrical conduit, plumbing and wall tracks on the fourth floor. On the 2nd floor, chilled water supply and return piping will be welded and installed in the south public corridor of the CMWT building. We have been ensured that safety measures will be appropriately taken and we will provide an additional update as this project begins.

Please Note: In response to feedback from the student body, the large COMRB conference rooms are now available for after hour and weekend study.  Room availability and requests should be coordinated with UGME per the standard reservation procedures.

Should you have an emergent facilities concern please contact the FM Service desk at ext. 6-7511 or the College of Medicine Dean’s Office ext. 6-3500. 

If you have any further questions or concerns about the demolition or renovation contingency planning, please email  COM-LEARNINGCTR@uic.edu and someone will address your specific needs as quickly as possible.

The Learning Center Project Committee