Information & Technology

Supported Locations:

UIC Medical Center, West Campus

Jesse Brown VA Hospital

HIV Clinic-Damen Ave.

MacNeal Cancer Center

HIV Clinic-Broadway

HIV Clinic-Commercial & 87th

Chicago South Loop Medical Office

HIV Clinic-Madison

HIV Clinic-63rd St.

University of Illinois at Chicago

Department of Medicine

1940 South Taylor Street.

Suite 250

Chicago Illinois, 60612

The Department of Medicine’s technology needs are supported by a dedicated team of IT engineers who are primarily responsible for the needs of the faculty, staff, students, and medical professionals with an appointment with the Department of Medicine.

The Information & Technology team is primarily responsible for the Department of Medicine’s:

  • Server support
  • Data Security
  • Software Support
  • PC support
  • Printer support
  • Audio/video conferencing
  • Website design
  • Cell Phone configuration
  • VPN connectivity
  • Anti-virus/malware
  • Network Accessibility
  • Wi-FI Connectivity
  • Guest access
  • Third party software
  • Tablet Support
  • Email support
  • Systems Access