Announcement:  15% subsidy until June 30, 2014 available. 

We have been pleased to offer a subsidy on the fees for Lab Shared Resources to all of our members.

Now, until June 30, 2014 , Cancer Center members are eligible to receive a direct 15% subsidy on user fees, with a maximum of $2,500 per Cancer Center member, for only the following Research Resources Center cores:

Note: Those who are already registered with a CC RRC account, will now automatically receive 15% subsidy for any usage on and after June 1. The increased subsidy is not retroactive. The Cancer Center will evaluate the Pilot Program and will determine if and how long the program will be in place after June 30, 2014.


Also of note: Even if you have previously established an RRC account and used the RRC before this program came into effect,  you must re-register with a new CC RRC account in order to take advantage of this subsidy

Follow these instructions for registering for this important benefit of your membership:

Click here to download the  Application for RRC Account Number (RRCAN). Please fill it out or  forward it to your department business office to complete. Then email completed form to with a cc to

The next business day after receipt of your application, you will receive an e-mail that contains a temporary password and additional information regarding RRC procedures. Please forward that 
e-mail to to complete the process of registering. 

Click here for complete RRC Guidelines.

For more details about the core facilities and services go to: Laboratory Shared Resources