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i>clicker is an audience response system that can be used by instructors in a large or small group setting to assess students knowledge, provide immediate feedback and encourage participation. Using i>clicker technology is one of the many ways faculty will  incorporate active learning methods into courses.

All incoming students are required to purchase an i>clicker2 remote for use throughout the M1/M2 years. (The WebClicker App is not allowed at this time.)

Students should always keep the i>clicker remote with them during class times for spontaneous use.  Click here for i>clicker Statement of Use Policy.


i>clicker remotes are available at the UIC Medical Sciences Bookstore.  M1s are required to have their i>clicker prior to the "Introduction to Medical School" on the first day of classes.


UIC-COM students are required to register their i<clicker in order to get credit for their votes (which may or may not be graded at the discretion of the course director.)  Until an i>clicker is registered, votes are only tied to the clicker remote ID located on the back of the remote. 

Once the registration is completed, all previously recorded votes/responses will be tied to the student. Faculty will then be able to give credit for using the i>clicker in class.   (This is a retroactive process, so a late registration will still tie previous votes to the student.)

1.    Log into Blackboard and select  M1 Resources page.

2.    Locate and select REGISTER I>CLICKER on the left menu under Student Services.

3.   Click on the link for I>CLICKER REMOTE REGISTRATION.

4.    Enter the i>clicker remote ID, found on the back of each remote.

(The i>clicker remote ID is a series of 8 numbers and letters located on the back of each remote, just below the i>clicker instructions.)


5.    Click Register Once this process is complete the student's registered i>clicker is linked to all of the courses in which they are currently enrolled.


  • Pull the plastic tab from the back of new remotes before use to activate batteries.
  • Used clickers need their AAA batteries replaced (all of them).
  • Clickers need their batteries changed about 1-2 times per year.
  • Urbana tells they have had trouble with Duracell batteries -- they may be a bit short for the casing
  • Use rechargeable batteries at your own risk -- they may harm the clicker.
  • Each clicker has a unique serial number on the back of the remote. This number can be hard to read after normal wear and tear. You may want to write it down and to place a piece of scotch tape over that ID to preserve it.

 Check out www.iclicker.com for FAQs, how-to's, guides and more.

Questions about clicker registration should be directed to  support@iclicker.com or 866-209-5698.

General questions regarding use of the i>clicker at UIC-COM should be directed to UGME@uic.edu .