Programs and resources so no one has to face cancer alone



The ACS Patient Navigator Center is made possible through an initiative of the Illinois Division of the American Cancer Society (ACS) and a private donor. It is located in the Clinical Cancer Center of the University of Illinois Medical Center and staffed by an ACS social worker with experience in cancer disparities.

The ACS Patient Navigator Center is a complimentary service that enhances the comprehensive oncology support provided by healthcare providers at the Cancer Center. It provides cancer patients and their families with personalized coordination of resources to help remove roadblocks to treatment and to improve their quality of life.

The Center helps cancer patients deal with the multitude of medical, insurance, financial, employment, family, and cosmetic concerns that arise. For example, patients are informed about transportation and lodging and sources of internal and external financial support to help with costs. The Patient Navigator Center also provides counseling to patients who are having emotional difficulties or just need someone with whom to talk. ;

 The ACS Patient Navigator can be reached at 312-355-4596. 

View a video about  the Patient Navigator:

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