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Laboratory Shared Resources


Laboratory Shared Resources


The Cancer Center supports its members by subsidizing their access to some of the most sophisticated technologies available today. Through a partnership with the Research Resources Center, the Cancer Center provides its members with skilled support services and state-of-the-art equipment through four laboratory core facilities.   

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Available Services and Equipment



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Flow Cytometry  

Analysis and sorting of cells, as well as training and expert consultation for project/experiment  planning

A new BD Fortess cytometer with high-throughput sample capacity is being installed. 

The Cancer Center is assisting with the lease of a new Beckman Gallios 8 color/2 laser Flow Cytometer that will be available 24/7 on the 3rd floor COMRB. Significantly reduced prices for Beckman antibodies and reagents will also be available.

  Zhijan Qian, PhD   Click here for Flow Cytometry

Mass Spectrometry, Metabolomics and Proteomics


Mass Spectrometry/Metabolomics: Analysis of a wide variety of molecules ranging from low molecular weight volatile compounds to high mass polymers and bio-polymers such as proteins

New top-of-the-line proteomic Thermo Orbitrap Velos; several new triple quadruple instruments available

Proteomics: Access to a number of mass spectrometers optimized for use in proteomics studies

  Richard van Breemen, PhD  

Click here for Mass Spectrometry

Click here for Proteomics

Genomics and DNA Services  

Provides resources for investigating gene functioning with an emphasis on applying DNA microarry technology to transcriptional profiling and transcriptional regulation studies, genotyping and molecular cytogenetics-based studies

New Sequenome MassArray for generating low-cost genotyping and methylation data; lower cost GWAS and gene expression; Ion Torrent next gen sequencer being installed; Affymetrix Gene Titan system for processing 96 arrays/run on order

  Nathan Ellis, PhD  

Click here for Genomics

Click here for DNA Services

Research Histology and Imaging  

Research Histology: Sample preparation, immunohistochemistry, image acquisition, processing and analysis

Vectra tissue imaging system and laser capture microscopy

Confocal Microscopy: Light, deconvolution, confocal and TIRF microscopy; an AIS2 microinjection system; temperature controlled stage for live cell observation; workstations for digital image manipulation and analysis

  Peter Gann, MD, ScD   Click here for Research Histology and Imaging



Click here  for Confocal Microscopy