Elstein, Arthur, PhD
Professor Emeritus

Phone: 312-996-3590
Email: aelstein@uic.edu

Dr. Elstein came to DME in 1984 from the Office of Medical Education Research and Development at Michigan State University, where he had received the Distinguished Faculty Award. In 1991 Dr. Elstein was awarded both the John P. Hubbard Award by the National Board of Medical Examiners and the American Educational Research Association's Division I Distinguished Scholar Award. He has served as president of the Society for Medical Decision Making, and is presently editor-in-chief of the society's journal Medical Decision Making. He is member of SMDM, AERA, the American Psychological Society, and the Council of Biology Editors. Dr. Elstein's current research interests include evaluating the effects of decision support systems on clinical reasoning;measuring patients' preferences for health states; effects of prognostic estimates on treatment planning in critical care; and the conversation needed between medical ethics and expected utility theory in clinical decision making. He chairs a committee developing a comprehensive curricular sequence in decision making, computers, and information retrieval.